To show that we know a thing or two about recruitment read what some lovely people are saying about us!


I had the pleasure to be involved with Tommy and Bluegate. Highly recommended. Diligent, professional and on top of their game. Gave me all the support I could have asked for. 5 Star indeed! – Matthew

Really amazing company with regards to recruitment…..Mike Jenkins from Bluegate is an amazing human being who helped me in every aspect of recruitment from start to finish…Highly recommended!!! – Chakradar

Highly recommended consultancy especially Mike is very Professional and helped me in every aspect from beginning to finish. – Reddy

Tommy is a very professional and passionate consultant. Every conversation with him, me with family is full of encouragement. I highly recommend this Amazing consultant and will tell my close friend as well. – LIU

Contacted by Mike for a job vacancy. Awesome guy, very polite , helpful and reliable. Helped me to get a job offer. Highly recommended. – Chun

I enjoyed interacting with them. They have a good pool of the finest professionals who can identify, guide and put you before genuine employers and companies. – UPADHYAY

I have worked very closely with Tommy over the past 3 months, whenever there was a requirement for contractors within Engineering, Project Management, Procurement or any other discipline. Tommy has always managed to deliver the quality CV’s required to interview and secure the contractor, and he has never ceased to be professional in all areas. Tommy is very knowledgeable in his field and can be relied upon to secure the right candidate for your business at very competitive rates. – Charmaine, HR Manager

Tommy is a top class, professional recruitment consultant. He has a great balance of knowledge and determination as well as being very honest and responsive. He always goes through great lengths to ensure both the client and candidate get the outcome everyone is looking for. I have already recommended Tommy to personal acquaintances looking for offshore contracts and would be happy to recommend him again to anyone either looking for technical contract staff or anyone looking for their next contract role. – Simon, Managing Director

Mike Jenkins helped me found a job in this credit crunch period. He knows exactly what I’m looking for and how well I fit in the role.He always provide me helpful advice and information before and after individual interviews. I’m very pleased with his work. – Yingzhoa, Director of Software Development

A great professional, client oriented, and organized, he helped me to succeed in my own professional career – Tamas, Production Process Engineer

Mike provided me with invaluable help in finding a job as a software developer in the UK. He was able to get me three interviews with great companies in a matter of a few weeks, which resulted in three very good job offers. I am now in the process if signing up with a great company doing a job I love. It was a pleasure to work with Mike, and I highly recommend him to anyone in the IT field looking for a position in the UK – Telmo, Researcher and PhD

Tommy was absolutely fantastic during the whole recruitment process, he kept me well informed and offered advice. If you are looking for a recruitment consultant then Tommy is the right man for the job! – Najoua, Senior NPI Engineer

Mike acted for me while I was searching for a new position during my notice period. He was able to secure an interview and provided feedback where possible. This then resulted in an offer which I have accepted. He understands the technical aspects of a role having been an Engineer in a previous position. Pleasant to talk with and interested not only from a technical perspective but also took time to understand my requirements and personality. This enables a better ‘fit’ for a role – Andre, Staff Engineer

Very good representative, extremely helpful gentleman and I would recommend this man to anybody looking for a job in the electronics or manufacturing industry – Dino, Hardware Engineer

Tommy is a professional, hardworking consultant that makes contracts run effortlessly from start to end. It was a pleasure work with him – Mario, Technical Manager

Tommy has been amazing from start to finish. He’s enthusiastic and makes you feel at ease. In the short space of a week he secured me two interviews, which resulted in two offers! All throughout the process he kept me informed about any information I needed. Night and day from other experiences I have had with other recruitment firms. – Tom, Equipment Engineer

Tommy brings the perfect blend of drive, charisma and technical knowledge to every project or operation. Meaning he not only understands your specific requirements and what is needed to meet them, but has the skills to work with all stakeholders to ensure they are met. – Stephen, Team Manager

I have dealt with many technical recruitment consultants from different firms, but none more professional than Tommy. It is evident that he enjoys his role, and this makes a huge difference as he has a lot of pride in his work. Communication between him and the client (me) was ‘second to none’. As my representative he found me a career that matched my profile perfectly, and every effort was made to ensure that the recruitment process went as smoothly possible. I cannot recommend or thank him enough, as I am sure any of his other clients will agree. – Andrew, Electronics Service Engineer

I’ve only known Tommy for a short while but I can say that this guy is an absolute legend! I don’t think I’ve ever worked with another consultant as great as Tommy. He’s on-the-ball, fast and very approachable. Raj, Director

I’ve had a working relationship with Tommy for approx 2 years at the time of writing and I have very impressed with his professionalism. Tommy comes across as a very personable and approachable person and, judging by how quickly things get done, he obviously has a good relationship with his colleagues. He has been a pleasure to work with. – Ian, Planner

Tommy is a very professional and astute recruitment consultant He negotiated a great contract for me, and made sure that everything was a “good fit I’d certainly recommend him as a recruiter in the future – Peter, Supplier Quality Engineer

Working with Tommy has been straightforward, with his help he has made transitioning from regular employment to contracting a painless process. – Andrew, Senior Project Manager

Tommy is a Consultant with a powerful dedication to all his co-partners, being someone always ready and available to help or to support overcoming every situation. Tommy proved to be a great consultant through the follow-ups made or through the capacity he has to pay to capture all details and after several weeks or months, remembering those details. – Hugo, Supplier Quality and Development Engineer

Tommy was extremely quick with clients to get me face to face with potential contracts, he was very personable and always kept me up to date with contract related developments. He was well-mannered and easy to talk business and chat to. Would definitely work with him again!! – Michael, Director

Tommy worked tirelessly to secure me a contract over the months and I have liked his Professional and friendly manner and the way he returns to you with new contract opportunities. I would recommend Tommy to all you looking for roles in the engineering arena. – Michael, E/I Site Engineer

Tommy’s excellent communication skills and his consistently professional and honest approach ensures the best possible match between clients’ business requirements and contractors’ strengths to deliver results. I first dealt with Tommy in October 2011 and I have always been impressed with his ability to communicate, obtain trust and engage with people. I highly recommend Tommy – Antonio, Project Manager

Tommy is extremely knowledgeable, not only about his clients but also a wide range of technical aspects, making him really good at understanding what roles are involved in a project. Tommy is a real pleasure to work with. – Charles, Project Lead

Tommy is extremely helpful and totally professional at all times. – Andrew, Field Instrumentation Engineer

Tommy is really friendly and helpful person. He is professional, energetic and passion for recruiting careers. I would like to recommended him to the companies and others. – Fenghua, Components Engineer

Tommy was extremely helpful during my time working for the agency. He was particularly effective in providing clarity to the role he was putting me forward to, a skill I find other recruiters lack. Tommy is a people person and I would definitely recommend him due to his positive approach and eagerness to help candidates secure the position they seek – Dennis, Engineer

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